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Webquest Answers

1. Any of the following 4 names:

Alexander R. Brown     

George Brown 

Chaucey Brooks 

Charles Carroll

Peter Cooper 

Alex B. Fridge

John W. Garrett 

William G. Harrison 

Johns Hopkins  

Benjamin C. Howard 

2. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O)

3. D) 1827

4. Tom Thumb

5. C&O Canal and the Erie Canal

6. Baltimore needed to increase connectivity with the interior regions of the nation in order to support the trade of goods throughout Appalachia, American seaports, and international ports throughout Europe and the Americas.

7. Check all the locations out on our Baltimore google map.

8. Dessert Gelatin (a precursor to Jell-O) 

9. The B&O railroad operated in the following locations:








New Jersey

New York



Washington, DC 

West Virginia

10. B) 13

11. The CSX Corporation

12. Coal both fueled the steam locomotives and was also hauled as freight.

13. Sent from: US Capitol Building in Washington, DC

Received at: The B&O's Mount Clare Station in Baltimore, Maryland (now the B&O Railroad Museum)

Thomas C. Jenkins 

Talbot Jones

Benjamin H. Latrobe 

John H.B. Latrobe 

Fielding Lucas 

Charles F. Mayer, Sr. 

Francis B. Mayer  

Louis McLane 

Isacc McKim

John V.L. McMahon

W.G. McNeil 

John B. Morris 

Samuel F.P. Morse 

Robert Oliver

Joseph W. Patterson 

William Patterson

Albert Schumacker 

Thomas Swann 

Philip E. Thomas

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